History of the Club

The Sandy Hook Bay Anglers fishing club is a New Jersey registered 501.3C association sporting club.

The goal of the club is to enjoy local fishing with fellow anglers, share tips & tricks and further the enjoyment of fishing in general.  Participating with other clubs in the past years on joint fishing trips and events expanded these experiences for the membership.  Enjoying a day on the water with friends and strangers alike have forged lifelong friendships through fishing. 

We were originally formed as the “Hobos” in the late 1960’s by avid local anglers and boat owners in Atlantic Highlands New Jersey.  In the couple years that they were together, the Sandy Hook Bay Anglers came to fruition and was incorporated for the first time in 1970. 

We all love to fish….we believe in a future for fishing….this is why we are here.

Through the years, we have concerned ourselves with not only the taking of fish but the conservation of fish stocks for the future.  Becoming involved with the other clubs and regional efforts to preserve a lifestyle to pass on to younger generations have always been part of our mantra.  Children’s fishing contests & fishing trips focused on giving the experience to those whom would not normally have this opportunity furthered the clubs goals.  Today’s short fish are next year’s and thereafter trophies.  

As with all organizations,  there has been an ebb and flow of membership through the years.  Our members today and in the future lead by example.  Taking only that which we would eat and putting the rest back for another day.  Giving the information on a “secret spot” from a great trip to others in the club and share the wealth so to speak.